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BFluor is a highly specialized group of entrepreneurial chemical engineers and support functions. The consulting team’s strength is in its diversity, which is applied to deliver comprehensive multi-disciplinary services to selected clients.

The integration of the operating platforms, Bring it all together, is founded on BFluor’s knowledge and experience of new product and process development project life cycles:


BFluors' services originate from the market platform where the comprehensive business intelligence database and contact network resides.

The core chemical engineering team receives the relevant market information, such as product specifications, to drive the technology sourcing and implementation processes.

The CAPEX and OPEX information from the engineering packages, together with the revenue stream information from the marketing platform, are fed into the financial models on the finance platform, delivering validated Definitive or Bankable Feasibility Studies ready for implementation.

The integration of activities on the three operating platforms provides the opportunity for projects to be completed on time and in budget during all project phases (from idea phase, through desktop, laboratory and piloting phases to implementation phase). 

The BFluor team’s experience spans the whole chemical processing industry from refining to end user applications, and includes several specialty areas from Process Safety in Major Hazardous Installations to Brand Building in the Marketing arena.


Value Proposition

BFluor has in-depth experience and understanding of the intricate dynamics between the technology-, market-, and financial pipelines of development projects, providing a unique value proposition.

The value proposition is based on two proven rules for developing successful and sustainable businesses:

It is important to establish the correct sequence between the three key pipelines of a development project. It is even more important to feed the multitude of processes running inside these projects with a complete set of high quality information at the right time, in the right context.

Considering the client’s profile and his unique position in the value chain, the BFluor customer need(s) are identified, analyzed and a tailor made solution developed.

 This is focused on providing three key benefits:


Client Profile

Government institutions

Strategic teams and policy makers of mineral rich countries that are in the process of economic and industry development, who want to retain more of their country’s mineral wealth by exporting finished products rather than raw minerals.

The benefits associated with these strategies include major skills development programs leading to lower unemployment rates. 

Mining houses

Business development directors, operating officers and marketing directors of mining companies owning mining rights currently exporting their concentrate and wish to beneficiate locally before export.

BFluor brings the market research, product development and technology sourcing together in complete feasibility studies.

Chemical processing companies

Business development directors, operating officers and marketing directors of chemical, minerals, plastic and metal producing companies wishing to diversify or vertically integrate up or down the value chain. This includes finding new markets for existing product lines or developing new products for existing markets.

Technology houses

Technology houses who want to commercialize their technologies or contextualize their research with a strong market pull, delivering viable feasibility studies.

The BFluor services include market analysis to find markets for technologies, as well as implementing those technologies with support services like process engineering, engineering design packages and scale-up work.



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